A lot of people elsewhere are changing their minds about cannabis and giving Cannabidiol or CBD a try, thanks to the growing interest to its benefits. Yet, like other medications or supplements, a lot of first-time users are concerned about its effect. Many would ask: “Are the effects of CBD immediate for pain?

The answer may vary. As with other medicines, it may take time for the active compound from the cannabis plant to begin doing its job,

So as to make the most of its therapeutic benefits, the bloodstream has to absorb the CBD. As soon as it gets to the bloodstream, the CBD can then be spread across the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECC) where the compound’s receptors bind with the naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors in the body. Simply put, CBD’s many health benefits are activated through the receptors’ interaction.

Nonetheless, there are many factors that are coming into play for CBD to work for you as follows:

1.    Consumption Method

There are many ways to use CBD, such as through topical consumption, injection, oral consumption, sublingual absorption or inhalation through vaping.

What is crucial to know is that every route gets through the body’s several digestive functions in order for the CBD to be broken down and filtered. Only a percentage of the compound actually gets into the bloodstream based on the CBD dosage you take.

The way you take CBD does not only affect how much of the compound gets into the bloodstream. It likewise affects the pace by which it gets there. The lesser digestive functions the CBD needs to pass through suggests lesser time it needs to get into the bloodstream.

Injection provides the fastest deliverability, yet most users do not prefer it. The next best options are vaping CBD or consuming it sublingually.

2.    CBD Quality

CBD products with low quality can only complicate the process of absorption, and thereby slow down the manner the body processes substances. By low quality, we mean the following:

-The products are made out of substandard ingredients, genetically modified ingredients, toxic ingredients, or ingredients that are difficult to digest by the body.

-The products are exposed to heat or sun

-The products are expired.

-The products are not produced properly

3.    Types of CBD

There are several types of CBD which are just actually names such as nano CBD, water-soluble CBD, and so on. Yet the physical size of the CBD particle is the crucial factor as far as the absorption process concerned.

Further manufacturing and extraction procedures like microencapsulation break CBD down into smaller particles, and thereby leads to a faster and higher bioavailability rate.

4.    Everyone is unique

Each human being is unique and has various feelings, behaviors, habits, bodies, and so on.  The time for CBD to take effect may vary even if two individuals took the same quality, dosage and type of CBD at exactly the same time. Moreover, the results may still vary even if either of them repeated exactly the same conditions a month later. The reason for this is that every individual is unique and the body’s composition may vary at any given point.

There are again a lot of factors coming into play in this regard as follows:

The Composition of the body – this includes the different parts of the body which can affect how the body processed the CBD. Taking certain medicines, for instance, may alter or slow down the process of absorption. Stress can likewise impact the efficiency of digestion.

Metabolic Rate — this refers to the process of breaking down compounds and synthesizing them to stimulate bodily functions.

Body Weight and Mass — a larger body mass requires a greater quantity of the substance to feel its effects, and as such may need a longer time for the body to process it.